"In what case would you use the s technique in self-defense situations?" PDF Print E-mail

Many of our self-defense techniques include joint locking to immobilize an attacker. The definition of "S technique" varies throughout the martial arts community. To answer your question, I will refer to the "S technique" as a technique which utilizes an attacker's momentum followed by a wrist lock and immobilization. The attacker's body moves through an upside down s shape. Fluid motion, circular motion, and harmony of motion are principles which allow success with this defense.

The fundamentals are important:
·    Utilize footwork to avoid the initial attack.
·    Timing and fluidity of movement allow grabbing to secure for a wrist lock.
·    Do not stop the attacker's momentum.
·    Maintain proper distance to control the attacker.
·    Secure the wrist lock.
·    Change direction when the attacker's hips reach a pivot point called the v area.
·    Immobilize the attacker on the ground.

When students progress in martial arts training and begin to explore how techniques can be applied, they discover the creative side of our art.


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