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Congratulations to Richard L. Kimball, Jr., Sean Kimball, and Keith Rudy who were promoted to 1st DAN Ki Do Black Belt on July 30, 2015! They demonstrated focus and resilience during the grueling test. We are extremely proud of your accomplishment! Again, congratulations!

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To our Delaware Hapkido families, instructors, and students, I am sincerely appreciative of your support of our new black belts. Thank you!  Thank you to the following instructors who assisted during the test: Elyse Carmack, Kyra Carmack, and G. Jason Phillips. Your contribution was significant!
Also, for years-and-years of guidance, instruction, and support, thanks to instructor Master Bradd Zullo, 7th Dan, and Master Brian Alexander, President of Park’s Martial Arts.

Chad C. Carmack, Ed. D.
President of Delaware Hapkido


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