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Below you will find a few "things learned" during our June 2013 personal protection seminar:

.   "You are in control. You can choose your reaction and therefore your situation."
.   "You make your own choices. Be aware, yet prepared."
.  "The levels of awareness (white, yellow, red, black) and how when out in public you should stay at the yellow awareness level."
.  "Self protection – watch the hands."
.   "I really liked the video and making your own weather and controlling your reaction/response."
.   Strategies for how to handle people who approach and ask for money – "Pumping gas, public places, what to do when approached wanting spare money."

What will a criminal see?  Criminals look for targets they can overwhelm with surprise, speed and skill.  In most cases, 80% of their focus will be on non-verbal cues. What do easy targets look like to a predator?

.   They are not alert and appear to be unaware of their external environment
.   They have their head down and do not make eye contact
.   When confronted, they have “happy feet”
.   They have their hands in their pockets or by their sides

Personal sharing and group discussion activities are benefits of Delaware Hapkido personal protection seminars. What an outstanding experience for the facilitator and participants! Thank you participants!

Delaware Hapkido Goal: Self-Defense (Use reasonable force when it appears reasonably necessary to prevent an impending injury)


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