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Of the applicants who apply for admissions at Harvard University, 10% have scored perfectly on the SAT. Approximately 10% of applicants have the recognition of being number one academically in their high school graduating class. From each group, 1,000 of the applicants do not get an offer to be Harvard students. Academic perfection isn't enough.

College admissions personnel are looking for more than academic success. Employers also need more than a history of perfect academic success. Academic successes is critical; however, perfection only in academics does not demonstrate an overall "well rounded" experience.

Academic success is a good start, but it might not be enough to guarantee a seat. Being a perfectionist at work does not guarantee a promotion.  What does it take to be "well rounded?" Has the person demonstrated creative thinking? Have they participated in team activities? Have they tried something and failed? What did they learn from the failure? Have they volunteered and supported a worthy cause? How did they deal with adversity? Have they participated in dance, music, martial arts, or other activities which requires self-discipline.  Do they read?  What type of books do they read?

Look for opportunities to learn and expand on perfection. Lifelong learners usually go outside of their area of expertise.  Having various and many experiences is more fun and leads to personal rewards.
Chad C. Carmack, Ed. D.


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