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02.03.14, 15:26
Parents desire their children to have balance in their life. Like most, my wife and I expected our son to be involved in a sport of his choosing to help achieve this. We tried many traditional sports but none of them really cliqued with my son until he was introduced to the Delaware Hapkido Martial Arts Academy from some friends of ours. We had never had any experience with martial arts of any kind but after a few visits my son remarked that he wanted to continue. You have to understand this was the first time in years that my wife and I began seeing him proactively push to do any sport whatsoever, everything up to this point was parent initiated.

I cannot in such a short message explain to you how pleased I am as a father to have found this academy. If you are considering martial arts for you or your children or your whole family, I highly recommend you come join us. The academy is like a family because the instructors Dr. Chad and his wife Penny and their daughters Elyse and Keira Carmack are all involved together. They really are an excellent family! And it shows up in how the martial arts academy is led.

Pastor James J. Reap, Jr.
02.03.14, 15:19
Delaware Hapkido has provided me with an opportunity to learn a dynamic and fluid Martial Art in a fun, family-oriented and low-stress atmosphere. The training curriculum is varied so classes are always interesting. The practical self-defense skills are applicable to real-world situations and are effective. The workout is great, and the Martial Arts focus can be applied to other facets of daily life. For those seeking a unique Martial Arts experience, I recommend Delaware Hapkido.

Keith Rudy
08.12.13, 02:17
I enrolled in the Delaware Hapkido Black Belt Program about one year ago at the request of my younger son (14), who had developed a renewed interest in studying martial arts. My son and I were enjoying classes so much that I brought my other two children (15 & 8) into the program. Today, all four of us are thoroughly enjoying the learning, the physical challenges and the character building that come through our involvement with the school.

The stated goals of the school—high moral character, self-discipline, self-identity, self-defense and physical fitness—are evident in the approach to teaching, the culture of the school, the attitude of all the students and the messages that are conveyed in every class. I’ve already seen growth and development in these areas in each of my children and have experienced them myself. One couldn’t ask for a better mix of skilled instructors, consistently positive and dedicated students and fun, yet productive classes. Dr. Carmack and his family are a pleasure to train with and learn from.

I have studied other martial arts in the past and I find Hapkido to be the best balance of form and function. The art provides multiple techniques with varying degrees of force to respond to any threat according to the situation. It’s powerful yet so practical. A year later, we still look forward to each class and continuing this journey together.

Shi chak!

Laura P.
07.07.13, 18:21
I loved the basic self-defense workshop, it was fun, educational & helpful. I really learned a lot & feel better prepared in case of a dangerous situation. The self-defense workshop was wonderful - I learned some simple ways to defend myself in only a few short hours! Laura P.
Thomas Hensler
26.05.13, 19:20
Fantastic instructors! Knowledgeable and very dedicated. I could not recommend it more. I wish is lived closer and could still study under this school.
Thomas Hensler
14.05.13, 14:31
Philip has been attending the Delaware Hapkido Martial Arts Academy for over a year now. He looks forward to each session because he truly enjoys the learning environment. Since he joined the group, we have noticed a marked increase in his self-confidence. He has applied the discipline he learned from Hapkido to his other daily life activities including his schoolwork.

Irene Szeto
March 2013
14.05.13, 14:30
Needing a challenge in my life, I enrolled at Delaware Hapkido knowing it would be both mentally and physically challenging. I was supported and encouraged to achieve positive physical results but more importantly, I learned to evaluate myself, accept discipline as well as receive and show respect for others. The classes focus on learning moves with purpose and being a good and respectful student. It was an honor to be taught by Dr. Carmack.

I'm proud to say that my adult children have been associated with Delaware Hapkido nearly since its inception. It was one of the most memorable things I've done in my life. I think of it almost every day and I'm proud of it. I have a greater positive outlook and more self-confidence. I look forward to my grandchildren attending Delaware Hapkido.
George Phillips
March 2013
14.05.13, 14:28
I was 41 years old when I entered the dojang & took my firstHapkido lesson with Delaware Hapkido Martial Arts Academy.

Delaware Hapkido Academy focuses on this ancient Korean form of martial arts with proper techniques and forms by highly qualified instructors. The instructors are friendly, but expect to be pushed outside your comfort zone. When you complete a class you know you have accomplished something more than an hour on a treadmill. I have learned many techniques and have many more to master. I have made many friends from the Academy and continue to enjoy Hapkido.

I highly recommend giving a Hapkido class a try with the Delaware Hapkido Martial Arts Academy; it’s a great time and you are learning while you are working out.
Best of Luck,
Ray Wharton
14.05.13, 14:25
My wife and I have trained in the art of Hapkido for many years. We have discovered tremendous benefits through the art’s techniques and its deeply rooted philosophy. Hapkido teaches its practitioner to be fluid both in their movements as well as intheir mind. This concept can be successfully applied to all challenges which arise in one’s life. “Being like water” is a very popular martial arts phrase. However, it is an extremely difficult concept to fully understand. Hapkido provides a clearly defined path for all individuals who wish to attain such an understanding.

The principles of Hapkido are very important and are often recited in class. Most individuals that join any martial arts school are looking to expand their ability to defend themselves. Self defense is very important and in some schools it is the main focus. In Hapkido, self defense is only one of multiple components that are taught, the most important being high moral character. Hapkido will also serve to broaden an individual’s self- identity without inflating the ego. It is an art that requires great discipline. However, it exists as a soft art which typically allows an individual to train for a lifetime.

Learning Hapkido is very difficult. The art is extremely comprehensive. However, the rewards are immeasurable. I do not know of any art that offers as much physically, mentally, and spiritually as the art of Hapkido does.

G. Jason Phillips
May 2013
13.05.13, 19:47
"The summer of 2011, I first joined the Delaware Hapkido Martial Arts Academy. That first day I walked in with a friend and met everyone, I knew I was going to be in a very comfortable environment. Dr. Carmack, the main Hapkido instructor, had definitely made things worth-while. He has taught me many things in my 2 years being there so far."

"Besides teaching me all the techniques and skills I need to advance, Hapkido itself had taught me to stay focused, be healthy and fit, and push through and be determined through tough situations. I took up wrestling my first year of high school. The reason I chose to do so was because of my martial arts program. To this day, this Hapkido program has taught me things I need to succeed in wrestling."

"Hapkido has really changed my life in a very positive way. Being in a real safe and friendly environment and having an instructor like Dr. Carmack, anyone can succeed. This program has taught me many things. With the kindness and thoughtfulness of Dr. Carmack always being there for you, it has reflected on my life and is proven to this day. I highly recommend Dr. Carmack and his program."
Garrett Wulbrecht
March 2013
Chad Carmack
13.05.13, 19:40
To his teachers and students, Instructor Carmack has expressed his sincere gratitude. Instructor Carmack received his black belt in Hapkido from the late Grand Master Sung Hong Park, 9th Dan. During his training at Park's Martial Arts, in Salisbury, MD, he was mentored and coached by Master Bradd Zullo, 7th Dan, and Master Brian Alexander, President of Park’s Martial Arts. In addition, he trained with Master Scott Schultz and Mr. Bill Walters, Tai Kai Jiu-Jitsu.
13.05.13, 18:04
"Thomas has been a member of the Delaware Hapkido family for 3 years. He continues to look forward to every class. He's never been a fan of sports or strongly competitive environments, and I suspect this is why he enjoys the classes so much. He's encouraged to learn at his own pace without pressure. Instruction seems to be focused on what students are doing well, rather than on what they are doing wrong. He has flourished and is proud of what he has accomplished. Thanks for creating such an exciting program."
Steve and Cami Pisklak
February 2013
13.05.13, 15:54
Black Belt Plaque Presentation to Chad C. Carmack, Ed. D.
"In appreciation of your: teaching style, commitment, and patients. In recognition of leading your initial kido black belts to the first of many milestones! I thank you for the hundreds of hours you have personally invested in developing my Hapkido fundamentals."
Mike Boyle
January 2011
13.05.13, 15:52
"The very close-knit family culture at Delaware Hapkido Martial Arts Academy, has made my Hapkido training since 2008 a very enjoyable part of my life. Getting the personalized attention of the school owner/head instructor each class, is a unique benefit of the school."
Mr. Michael Boyle, Black Belt
February 2013